Quotes Luxembourg vs. Greece

08 June 2013

Greece Head Coach George Dikeoulakos:
"When we were leading by more than 20 points, my players probably thought that we would win the game easily and they were not concentrated enough anymore. So we let Luxembourg come back to under 10 points in the last quarter. But at least then we made the important shots, so we were not to much in danger to lose. For tomorrow against Estonia there is only one thing that is important: to win the game."

Greece player Olga Chatzinikolaou:
"We played too easy in the second half, so we allowed them to come back. The Luxembourgish team had at this time a few lucky shots, but they also never gave up and made some smart decisions. Tomorrow it will be a hard game against Estonia but normally we should be stronger."


Luxembourg Head Coach Hermann Paar:
"I promised yesterday that we would play better than in the first game and we did. However the beginning of the game was not good. I think the girls are always too nervous. Fortunately they kept fighting until the end of the game, what they always do. It is only that way we can play against the teams that are basically stronger and taller."

Luxembourg player Nadia Mossong:
"The game was pretty hard for us because the Greek team was a lot taller and more physical. In such games everyone has to run for her teammates to help on defence and box out for the rebound. I think we did it pretty well during almost the whole game. That's the only way to play against teams like Greece. Tomorrow it will again be a hard game against the Netherlands because they have the tallest players in the whole tournament."


08.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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