Quotes Israel vs. Greece

18 June 2013

Greece headcoach George Dikeoulakos
"We had a 12 point advantage from the first game, we played very well but we also had a physiological advantage and that was very important. I told my players that when you go to Israel, it's not enough to be ready tactically but you also have to be ready physiologically because you play against fighters and a smart coach. We were ready for a fight, we found a rhythm from our defense. Our offensive rebounding was also a big factor today."

Greece forward Olga Chatzinikolaou
"We didn't start the game well but then we were able to play better defense and play more patient. It was very important for us to win the first game in Athens but Israel has very good players, and we won thanks to our defense."

Israel head coach Eli Rabi
"It's hard to by satisfied after you lose a game. To sum the two games up, I think the players made a big effort, but I admit that the felling was that Greece was too big for us."

Israel guard Liron Cohen
"It's sad that we didn't win, but I think overall we done a good job and showed good basketball. In Greece we didn't play as we should and came back with minus 13 points. But we can keep our head up we are a young team and I believe we will improved."


18.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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