Quotes Estonia vs. Greece

09 June 2013

Greece Head Coach George Dikeoulakos

"We planned to play hard defence from the beginning and that is what we did. Because of that we lost some precision in offence and this explains this low-scoring game. It is the first time that Greece had to play this qualification tournament and we wanted to take our pride back in making first place here and this is done now. It is important for the team and the country."

Greece Player Pelagia Papamichail

"Our aim was to dominate the rebounding and not to allow them easy shots. We managed this pretty well and so I think that we deserved this win. But even though we dominated almost the whole game long, Estonia never gave up and therefore they earned our respect."

Estonia Head Coach Jaanus Levkoi

"First I want to congratulate Greece for their win today and for their first place in this tournament. Today they were stronger than us in each compartment of the game and we never really had a chance. However I am proud of the girls and of what they did here. Two wins in three games was ok for us."

Estonia Player Merike Anderson

"Greece played such strong defence on us so that we never got easy shots. They also closed the way to the basket most of the time so that we never had a real chance to find a way into the game. Congratulations to the Greek team for this performance."


09.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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