Quotes Germany vs. F.Y.R. of Macedonia

09 June 2013

Germany Head Coach Alexandra Maerz

"We are happy for the win tonight, but are sad we didn't make the first place in the tournament. Congratulations to Israel I think they deserve it they showed in every game that they are the right team. For us it's a very young team with many players missing and we are happy we could play and gain experience."

Germany Player Margaret Skuballa

"We are sad because we lost in the tournament, but still wanted to win the last game. It was important to us and it's great we won this game because it was close and went to overtime, but in the end we play better defence so we won."

F.Y.R of Macedonia Head Coach Goran Jovanovic

"I am very prude of my players. We showed everybody and most importantly to ourselves that we can compete against better teams than us. We are a young team and will improve in the future."

F.Y.R of Macedonia Player Slavica Dimovska

"It was the most interesting game in this tournament and we wanted to win but we have only six players in the rotation so it was hard in the end. We had a chance to win the game but in the end I am happy with our performance in the tournament."


09.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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