Quotes Poland vs. Bulgaria

18 June 2013

Poland Head Coach Jacek Winnicki
"I would like to congratulate the girls on winning the match. They deserve to be in the finals. We knew it would be a hard job, but they managed to maintain their position. The first game in the series was the worst match since I started as the coach of the Polishnational team. We've been training very hard since 9 May to get into the European Championship in 2015. We couldn't let one meeting change our plans. The girls concentrated from the very beginning, especially in defense. Our strong defense let us attack the opponents quickly. The Bulgarians in Samokov dominated us physically, but our team was better in the re-match. I would like to thank the girls for taking responsibility in this difficult time."

Bulgaria Head Coach Georgi Boshkov
"Congratulations to the Polish team. They played very good defense, hard, and fast. We haven't been in a good shape. We missed a lot of shoots. We lost but we have got a new team and I'm glad that we fought till the end of the match."

Poland Player Joanna Walich
"We had lost by 15 points and we had to make it up somehow. It wasn't easy, but because we concentrated in the beginning, we were able to catch up with our opponents. In Cetniewo we didn't make the same mistake like in Bulgaria. Generally we didn't let the opponents dominate us. We played three quarters brilliantly."

Bulgaria Player Milena Tomova
"The Polish team played very well. This was not our game, I'm disappointed about our performance. It was a very bad game for us."


18.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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