Quotes Switzerland vs. Bulgaria

09 June 2013

Switzerland Assistant Coach Romain Gaspoz 

"Like yesterday we played a great second half, we are very proud of the team because we came from 18 points down. This is a positive for us. It was a good game, we played against a very strong team who were very complete in every position. We tried to do our best. We need to remember again our second half."

Switzerland player Caroline Turin

"We fought till the end, that is what makes us proud. We obviously are smaller, but we fought. We are not happy with the loss, but we showed will when we were 18 down. We came back and we believed till the end."

Bulgaria Head Coach Georgi Bozhkov

"We have to be happy that we won, we showed heart. We controlled the game, but we had our weak moments. We wanted to make a bigger difference. We were under pressure in the end."

Bulgarian Player Daniela Peteva

"It was a tough game. We really congratulate the team of Switzerland which we didn't underestimate. Now we are a different team. It was a really important win. Now we are looking forward."


09.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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