Quotes Israel vs. Germany

07 June 2013

Germany Head Coach Alexandra Maerz
"We expected them to come out strong and be better than in the game when we played them in London. They were very good, they had more focus and more heart and more will and that made the difference, in every situation in the game. We had no confidence and no will. I think this was a key game for Israel as well as for us. Portugal will be a very difficult opponent to play but being the first game it was the key so congrats they deserve the win."

Germany player Katharina Fikiel
"We didn't play as good as we should have and Israel were definitely better so they deserved the win. I hope that tomorrow, against Portugal, we will play better and gain our first win in the tournament."


Israel Head Coach Eli Rabi
"We started the game very well, but then we helped them come back into the game and lost some confidence. I'm glad that we managed to open a lead in the 3rd quarter and hang on. We'll try to win tomorrow and see how things go from there."

Israel player Jennifer Fleischer
"I am always happy to help our team. We won today but there are still two more wins to gain, four to be exact. My dad was in the crowd and it was the first time he saw me play in five years, so it gave me a lot of joy and motivation today."


07.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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