Quotes Belgium vs. Poland

07 June 2013

Belgium coach Daniel Goethals

"I'm not surprised about the result because Poland is a team that should be playing in Eurobasket 2013 in France in a few days. We made a lot of turnovers and took a lot of bad decisions, and we were missing consistency. We played a little bit better in second half, but couldn't play 40 minutes like we would have. It's necessary for Belgian basketball to play as many games as possible against high level teams such as Poland both in national teams and club teams. We're definitely looking to win the game against Finland on Sunday."

Belgium player Sofie Hendrickx

"I am a little bit disappointed since we couldn't play 40 minutes on the same level. Whenever the tempo of the game was down, Poland took a large lead. We were able to take their lead back to nine in the third quarter when tempo was high, but then the game slipped out of our hands again. We want to improve our game, learn from our mistakes and win against Finland, no matter how tomorrow's game goes."

Poland coach Jacek Winnicki

"Excluding the third quarter we had the control of the game all game long. We played good defence and were able to clinch this game with our transition attacks. Now we have to be ready for tomorrow since I believe that the winner of this tournament will be either Finland or Poland. We win with the team and lose with the team, and we have to play as a team tomorrow."

Poland player Agnieszka Skobel

"We knew that Belgium is a good three-point shooting team. We wanted to take their shot away and fared well in that sense. This was a very important victory since we have only one goal: we all want to win this tournament and we have to play together to do that. We were calm and patient in offence and that promises good things. We haven't thought about facing Finland yet, but now we start to prepare and focus from tomorrow. We have to play like today - pressure the ball hard, take all the loose balls and execute well."


07.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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