Quotes Greece vs. Netherlands

07 June 2013

Greece Head Coach George Dikeoulakos

"In the beginning they were shooting at a high percentage level then we changed our defence and managed that way to make their shots more difficult. By the way, we were shooting better and got back in the game."

Netherlands Head Coach Meindert van Veen

"During a large part of the game we were not able to find the way under the basket, even though we were taller. At the end our problem was that we do not have enough experience at this level."

Greece Player Zoi Dimitrakou

"I think that we had a lot of problems at this moment in defence and in offence. Later in the game we found our offence come back and we got back in the game. We controlled the game more or less but at the end we made a few wrong decisions in offence and let them come back."

Netherlands Player Chatilla Van Grinsven

"At the end with 10 seconds left and ball possession we took our last shot too early. So we could not tie the game anymore. However we may be proud of our performance against such a team."


07.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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