Quotes Nadezhda Orenburg vs. Good Angels Kosice

24 October 2012

Kosice head coach Maros Kovacik:
"To start with, I would like to congratulate the Orenburg team on winning! We had a lot of peaks and falls during the match. But it's only the start of the season, we will work and hope we will be lucky in this season. Our team is young, our rivals have got more experience. We need more reliable defense. Now we are not able to score 90 points during a match and can't let our rivals score more than 50-60 points either. Only this will give us more chances to win."

Kosice player Plenette Pierson:
"Both teams played really well keeping us on tenterhooks during all 40 minutes of playing time. Of course it happened thanks to active audience support- I hope our fans will also support us at home.

Nadezhda head coach Alexander Kovalev:
"We have lost track of how to play in EuroLeague Women for the past years. We had to change our game during the match. I have to admit we didn't do very well in the beginning of the match. As I said before, we haven't got three more players now. It's right where we lack stable playing situation. We had to use other position players as playmakers. That's why we are waiting for the rest of our players and hope we will play steadier."

Nadezhda player Dewanna Bonner:
"Though we haven't got a few players yet, we are getting used to playing together. I really like it here in Nadezhda, I think we can gain the best results. There have been a lot of turnovers and travels today. I know what I have to improve during practices to be more useful for the team."



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