The Insiders: Wisla Can-Pack Krakow

19 March 2012

6. Paulina Pawlak (Wisla Can-Pack)
If you are in the market for a pair of basketball shoes, you might want to talk to Paulina Pawlak - well, at least according to Anke De Mondt

Wisla Can Pack's Milka Bjelica and Anke De Mondt, a EuroLeague Women winner, create the perfect double-act on behalf of to give us an exclusive insight into their teammates ahead of the Final Eight in Istanbul.

• Anke De Mondt on PAULINA PAWLAK: "Paula is just a great girl. She will take care of all the foreigners coming in and she is our basketball-shoe supplier! She has the hook-up, so everyone is ordering their shoes through her! We don't know if she gets commission after each pair, but our team is generating great sales for her! And on the court, she is still working hard each and every day."

• Milka Bjelica on ANA DABOVIC: "She's my colleague from Serbia and is a lovely and funny girl. Her main characteristic is her beautiful smile which is always present on her face. However, she is best known by her cry "Opaaa!" which follows all of her not so perfect shots, when the ball does not fall in the net. Also, there is one particularly interesting thing about her - she always wears one side of her playing shorts rolled up, whereas the other side is straight."

• Anke De Mondt on ERIN PHILLIPS: "This girl is just pure 'Down Under' power! She brings a lot of energy to this team. I don't know where she gets all that energy from, but she will always be running around doing things. Oh, and she is always up at 8'o clock in the morning. Whenever I wake up and check Facebook, she's already posted a couple things a couple hours earlier!"

• Milka Bjelica on NICOLE POWELL: "Our friend Nicole has a distinct characteristic for the fact that she comes to each training session with her two faithful friends, a roller for stretching and a pair of 2kg weights for her legs. She always repeats her routine exercises before and after training and she really takes care of the physical condition of her body. I am sure that it will help her to play at this level for a very long time."

• Anke De Mondt on AGNIESZKA SNIEZEK: "She's our young Polish talent! She's very athletic and if somebody got a rebound over you in practice and you are not sure what happened, then it was probably ‘Aga' flying in over everybody! But she's always quiet and nice with a sweet smile on her face."

• Milka Bjelica on JOANNA CZARNECKA: "Joanna is Polish and she is so good and so polite. She devotes all of her attention to education and she uses every spare moment to attend lectures or prepare for her exams. She is so quiet that sometimes we wonder whether she is really present and then we invent questions just to hear her voice! Perhaps she is the only player who never complains about anything and doesn't even comment about any decisions of the referees or their calls even in practice as well as the games."

4. Anke De Mondt (Wisla Can-Pack)
Photography or... golf could be what Anke De Mondt takes up when her basketball days are over, if Milka Bjelica's predictions are anything to go by

• Anke De Mondt on MAGDALENA LECIEJEWSKA: "‘Lecha' really loves her dog and it's always a big part of her day. And, what a last name! Seriously, she had to repeat it to me a couple times but now she is so proud of me when I actually call her by her last name!"

• Milka Bjelica on EWELINA KOBRYN: "Ewelina is our captain and also one of the players in our team who smiles most often. It is nice to see that ‘Eva' is progressing in every way and every day, and we can say that she is becoming a real leader. She is phenomenal at indoor football, particularly when the penalties are conducted because in case when she does not miss the whole ball, she usually scores a goal! Among us she is characterized by the shout ‘Good luck Wisla' before each game and of course it is well known she is incredibly photogenic."

• Anke De Mondt on PETRA UJHELYI: "The first thing you learn about Petra is that she loves to eat, ha ha! But, don't get it wrong, she does have the character (most of the time) to eat good and to eat healthy. I love it when she's saying she's going to have a fruit day! But, her favourite place in Krakow is ‘The Cup Cake Corner'!"

• Anke De Mondt on KATARZYNA KREZEL: "You could say Kasia is our silent killer. You can always find her in the corner to hit that deadly three! Why silent? Kasia is just a nice, good and quiet team-mate! You don't hear her that often but no worries, because she knows everything. She also loves her dog Heide and she gets really excited talking about her."

And last but not least...

• Milka Bjelica on ANKE DE MONDT: "Our Belgian colleague joined Wisla with the status of being a European champion from the previous season. That is why above all, we are carefully following her play during the season in the hope that we will discover the ‘small secrets of great chefs' and understand how in fact, EuroLeague Women can be won. Outside the basketball court, Anke enjoys photography and golf. This will surely be her future profession when she stops playing basketball."  

• Anke De Mondt on MILKA BJELICA: "Milka is a hard worker and she is the only player I have ever seen, who is so fast in the warm-ups. I don't know how she does it, perhaps it must be that double espresso she always drinks, but her body holds up pretty well. After practice, she's always getting pretty to go out for lunch or dinner."



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