Ilona Burgrova: A View From Prague


Ilona Burgrova is in her third season in the EuroLeague Women with ZVVZ USK Prague. She has been representing the Czech Republic since she first stepped out as a cadette, in 1999. Ilona is writing for to give us her insight into the 2011/2012 EuroLeague Women season.

Hello everybody☺

We finally know the names of all the teams who were lucky enough to make it to the Final Eight of Euroleague Women.

I would like to congratulate all the players who have worked hard throughout the season to advance to this special event.

I would like to also applaud all the coaches who have had enormous patience with us (players). And I cannot forget the team owners and sponsors who have made all this possible.

Personally I am really looking forward to see how the new system will work out at the final eight tournament.

It has been a long season with unfortunately enormous number of injuries (and I am not saying it just because I am one of the injured people☺ ).

I hope the players participating in the tournament will enter it in full health so we can enjoy watching the best women's basketball.

And while I am talking about injuries... it has been a month since I got injured. They removed the stiches last week and I finally got a removable cast so I can wash my foot... soooo happy☺

I can feel my left leg getting smaller and weaker every day. I will have a lot of work in front of me after I will be able to step on it again. But I am so fortunate to have one of the best athletic coaches in the world working with me that I know I'll be back on the court in no time☺

If any of you have ever been injured, you'll know how annoying it can get. I cannot drive so I have to ask somebody every time I want to go somewhere.

It is virtually impossible for me to go grocery shopping by myself and I just simply miss walking☹

But I am lucky to have amazing teammates and friends who try to cheer me up every time I feel down.

For example, this Sunday I went to a theater with my friend. It is a very famous theater in the Czech Republic which only performs plays from one author.

His name is Jara Cimrman and he is a fictive character who was "discovered" or made up by two huge personalities of Czech theater and cinema, Ladislav Smoljak and Zdenek Sverak.

I grew up listening and watching their plays and movies. I consider them as my adoptive fathers. Even though they did not adopt me, I adopted their gentle humor, their smart way of using the Czech language, and their optimistic view of life.

It was really nice to see them perform live. Although the actors are old now and although I know almost all the plays word by word, I still enjoyed their performance and I could not stop laughing throughout the whole time.

They say that laugh is healing... I hope it is true and I will be able to go for a walk soon because my favorite time of the year -spring- is coming☺



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