Quotes Uni Györ vs. Fenerbahce

22 February 2013

Roberto Iniguez, Fenerbahce coach:

"Everything happened as we expected it. We came to Győr counting on [having] a hard game, fast plays and acceleration. We turned the game around in the second half by playing more aggressively and concentrating on our defence. Congratulations to Győr, they are a really well prepared team which played really well. They would certainly deserve to play more games in the series, but that's life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Birsel Vardarli, Fenerbahce:

"It was a tough game, but I didn't for a minute think we would lose. We managed to turn the match around once we sorted out our bad game at the start and focused on defence. Congratulations to Győr."

Ákos Fűzy, UNI Győr coach:

"Our EuroLeague run has beena bit like mountaineering. The first steps are always fast, but as you reach greater heights and the air becomes thinner, each step becomes more and more difficult. We managed to go through to the second round in only our second season, which was very fast. Our job will get a whole lot tougher from this point on."

Natalie Hurst, UNI Győr:

"We started out very well, our play selection was spot on, so were our throws and our defence. Then, as Fenerbahce started putting on the pressure, our game gradually fell apart. When I joined Győr, my goal was to make it through to the second round of the EuroLeague. We did, so I'm happy about that."



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