Quotes CCC Polkowice vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg

16 January 2013

UMMC head coach Olaf Lange:
"We expected a tough game. In the EuroLeague Women, there are no easy opponents. CCC played well today. It was a very physical, tough game. Yet we had our strengths and we used them."

UMMC player Sandrine Gruda:
"We came here to win, but it was not easy. We had to put a lot of effort in it to win."

CCC head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"We played today against a team that plays the best basketball in Europe in this moment. Congratulations on my girls' fight. They tried with all their might, but the potential of Ekaterinburg was too big."

CCC player Belinda Snell:
"We were hoping for our rival to feel fatigue after the Russian Cup, but it turned out that it did not matter. There was a moment when we came within eight points, but Ekaterinburg still controlled the game."



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