Quotes Perfumerias Avenida vs. Beretta Famila Schio

21 February 2012

Beretta-Famila Head Coach Maurizio Lasi
"We started very well, in the way we practised before coming here, and doing an intensive game under the basket. Anyway it is only the first game, and we hope the next one will be very tough."

Perfumerias Avenida Head Coach Lucas Mondelo
"We made a lot of mistakes, especially under the basket and this will be the clue for the next game. We will be in Italy to win because if they got to win here, on our court, we will be able to do the same there."

Beretta-Famila player Laura Macchi
"We took from this game the confidence we need to face the next one. But we must not forget that it is only the first game and it is not over, because there are two more and we have to be very concentrated."

Perfumerías Avenida player Marta Fernández
"We suffered from anxiety and we weren´t able to control our feelings. The main problem for me was in the rebounds, because we made a lot of mistakes being unable to control them."



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