Half-Court Press: Ordane Kanda-Kanyinda

29 July 2014

5. Ordane Kanda-Kanyinda (Belgium)
Ordane Kanda-Kanyinda names Belgium international Matt Lojeski as his biggest role model

Belgium might have missed out on the Second Round but have made an impact at the U18 European Championship with their win over Italy - the country's first in Division A since 2008.

Guard Ordane Kanda-Kanyinda has played a big role in Belgium's performance in Konya. But let's see how he stacks up against's Half-Court Press.

What's your first basketball memory?
"I saw my brother playing basketball and he said I could play with him but I said no, I want to play soccer. Then I had the ball in my hands and it just felt great. I did my thing and now I'm here. I never thought I would be here, playing for the coach and with these wonderful team-mates."

When did you start playing?
"When I was 7 or 8 years old."

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?
"My biggest weakness is my shot. I need to improve that a lot. But my biggest strengths are my drives and my passes, my defence, that's my biggest strength. I'm actually really a defensive player."

Who is the best European player you've seen live or on TV?
"Matt Lojeski played in Oostende . I always liked watching him play. He's a great shooter. He can dribble the ball. He can do everything. He's my biggest idol."

Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?
"I have three best games. In the 2012 U16 European Championship Division B, I made a buzzer three for the win against Israel. I scored 28 points against Bulgaria and we won that European Championship. And then (the win over Italy) too."

What was the first thing you packed to come to this tournament?
"My Bible."

What is one item you cannot live without?
"My family, God and basketball."

What are you doing when you are not playing basketball?
"I just hang out with my family but most of the time I watch basketball games to learn how to play in certain situations. Otherwise, chill with my friends or go to the movies. Not a lot of things really. I'm a pretty basic person."

What is your dream club to play for?
"Miami Heat - the atmosphere, the fans. I just love it."

What are you going to eat when no one is looking?
"African food. I'm African, from (the Democratic Republic of) Congo. So, it's rice, beans, chicken. I just love chicken. Chicken's my favorite thing to eat. I can eat it all day."

If the coach comes for dinner, what are you going to cook him?
"His favorite plate. I guess I would just give him African food - rice, chicken. He's gotta like what I like."


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