Half-Court Press: Andrea La Torre

11 August 2013
9. Andrea La Torre (Italy)
"Pizza, I'm Italian" - La Torre keeps it simple 

Andrea La Torre has been one of the stars of the first round at the U16 European Championship Men, leading Italy in points, rebounds and steals as they progressed from a tough Group D.

The 2.02m small forward who plays for Stella Azz in Rome has been thriving in Kyiv, showing fans some of the lessons he has picked up from watching his favourite player, New York Knicks SF Carmelo Anthony in action.

How long have you been playing basketball?
I've been playing basketball since I was six years old. I started in a little team in my hometown (Venezia) and then as a grew up I joined other teams as I got older.

What made you want to start playing?
I think basketball is the most beautiful sport and I've liked it since I was a child. I started playing it by myself at first and then in teams and liked it even more.

Who is your favourite player to watch?
Carmelo Anthony. I like the way he gets his shots, his way of playing basketball and also his way of being a team-mate.

What do you want to achieve next in your career?
I want to reach the NBA.

When you are travelling with your team what do you miss most from home?
I don't live at home anyway because I do not play in my hometown anymore. I'm used to being away from home. I miss my family, but I always miss my family.

What is your favourite food?
Pizza. I'm Italian!

Which is the one city everybody should visit?
I want to go Las Vegas. I've always seen it on TV, movies, magazine, and I'm very curious to see it. I've been to New York but not anywhere else in the United States and I would like to see it.


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