Half-Court Press: Martin Peterka

23 July 2013

15. Martin Peterka (Czech Republic)
Martin Peterka has been averaging an impressive 18.5 points and 9.8 rebounds over the first four games

By Robert White

The Czech Republic's Martin Peterka is one of the most versatile big men at the U18 European Championship, combining low-post play with a lethal outside shot.

Martin talks to FIBA Europe about his basketball background and his love of the ocean.

What is your first basketball memory?

I think I was six years old and my father took me to basketball practice and I started to play from there. I come from a basketball family and didn't have a chance to play another sport.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

I think my strength is that I am a big guy and I can play out to the three-point line. I can also drive to the basket from out there. My weakness is my physical strength. I'm still young, but I think it's my biggest weakness. It is my goal for next season - to get bigger.

Which players do you like to watch that influence your game?

For me, I like to watch LeBron James and learn some of things he does. I really like Spanish guys like Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol, Serge Ibaka. They are great low-post players.

Who is the most serious and who is the funniest guy on your team?

I think the funniest is Jiri Soula, he's my roommate and is very funny. He'll make jokes about everyone on the team and doesn't care about it. Radovan Kouril is probably the most serious.

Did you pack anything for the U18 European Championship non-basketball related?

Beach stuff. The most interesting thing for me in Latvia is the sea. We don't have any beaches, but it's been too cold to go swimming. Our team had a boat trip along the river here in Ventspils. It was a very funny day.

What's the one thing you can't live without?

I think it's my family. They support me really well and they are the most important thing to me.

As a young basketball player, do you have a special diet?

No, I usually go to the school canteen and I eat everything there. I occasionally eat fast food. KFC is my favourite.

What do you want to achieve as a basketball player?

I want to play at a high level, have fun and do this as a profession. I would love to play for the senior national team.


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