CariChieti 57 Bourges Basket 80

28 January 2004

Bourges did not have to expend too much energy to celebrate an easy victory over CariChieti. For the French team this was important to improve their third position for the final qualification of the competition.

For the host team, which was already out of the play-offs, the main purpose was to find a certain balance again and, above all, the determination, after the disappointing performances in the Italian division.

The first quarter was marked by complete balance on both teams, with a slight supremacy of Bourges; the score was 9:15 three minutes from the end. Then the match became tough for CariChieti as Ilisaine David suffered for an injury and could not play any longer.

Three minutes after the start of the second period, another loss for the home team: Bridget Pettis picked up an injury and had to leave the court. By the way the situation did not seem to change. At 5’22” the score was 18-29. Shortly before the end of the quarter, Pettis came again into the game. This period ended with the score of 26-41.

The third quarter started immediately with a 5-0 in favour of CariChieti. But the French team managed without any problems to control the game. At 5’56” the score was 31-49. CariChieti tried to stay into the match, but the Bourges lead increased every single minute. There were just too many mistakes made by the home team, in defense as well as in attack.

In the last quarter everything was already decided. Like this the match closed with the score of 57-80.

MVP of the game: Ljubica Drljaca (Bourges) with 12 points


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