Blog: Chiemeka Prepares for Busy Summer

17 July 2008

Hi all!

With the exams finally over for me, I have a little time to write a few words before I take off for another training camp.

First of all I would like to wish all the players and coaches who will participate in all the age groups of the European championships this summer all the best and good luck.

As you may know Michael Jordan once said "Talent wins games but TEAMWORK and intelligence win championships", but on the other hand we should not forget the human aspect of these international tournaments - which I really enjoy - because you get to know so many people from other countries and make new friends. Isn't it Anni? Last summer we exchanged shorts and now we are emailing each other. =D I hope we can meet soon again.

I also have a message for Jess Hurd (on picture with me) and Christina Gaskin: It was nice to see you in Violaines, France although it was strange playing against you. Already now I am looking forward to playing on the same side with you in the near future.

Well, now I am excited about joining up with the U18 team for the next training camp. It will be nice to meet up with the other players. And then I can't wait to have tough training sessions again, only basketball the whole day. I guess the famous "ladder" is waiting for me? Let's hope I can do better than last time.

On the more serious side, our coach will be working hard with us before making her final selection for the European championship in August.

That's it for now, I still have to pack and as I am very bad in packing it will take some time (lol)!

See you soon



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