Quotes Tartu Rock vs. Szolnoki Olaj

18 March 2014

Marton Bader, Szolnok Olaj:

"This was about one game and both teams are very similar. The pressure was more on Tartu - they played at home, the homecrowd excpected a lot from them. I´m sorry that Tartu couldn't make it, because it's great crowd and they have had a good season. For us the important thing is that we have a great team and good team spirit. Our team is always together and that's why we won, we never lost control of the game and we are very proud of that [fact]."

Dragan Aleksic, Szolnok Olaj head coach:

"First of all congratulations to Tartu as they have played a good competition. We expected that they will be under pressure - everything or nothing. We made our tactics in order to survive the first five minutes. We achieved that and afterwards we controlled the game and knew exactly what to do. They started hurrying shots and missing open shots. I tried to take the pressure off [my players] before the game and we knew exactly how they played. We were focused and I´m really proud of my guys that they were totally concentrated on the court, although it was sometimes very loud."

Marek Doronin, Tartu Rock:

"Today as a team we were burnt out a little. It was a first loss at home this year and we haven´t shot so few points before. Everybody wanted to do well and we couldn´t handle the pressure and were thinking too much. We played good defence in the first half, but if you can´t score enough in the quarter-finals then you can´t win, especially at home."

Gert Kullamäe, Tartu Rock head coach:

"Congratulations to Szolnok for qualifying; they deserved to win the series. I think it is one of the best opponents that play as a team who we have played this season. They have a lot of power, especially after [Marton] Bader came back. They played a good game tonight. One our forwards Janar Talts was not feeling well tonight. The pressure at home was too much for us today and this is why Szolnok goes to the Final Four and we stop here."



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