Quotes Team TEHO Sport Kotka vs. Bakken Bears Aarhus

18 February 2014

Bakken Bears Head Coach Ville Tuominen
"The first half was terrible, maybe our players though that the game would be an easy one to win because Kotka was already out. In the end we made a mistake; we left Jukka Matinen open for a three pointer. The whole arena knew he'll make it and that killed us."

Bakken Bears Player Nicolai Iversen
"We wanted to win here for the coach, it didn't happen. We were too much down to win the game. Your own performance doesn't matter if you lose the game."

Kotka Head Coach Sami Toiviainen
"We played the first 18 minutes very well. The third quarter was ok, but in the fourth quarter we stopped our movement. Bakken Bears played very well in the fourth quarter. Our young gun Joonas Lehtoranta played an excellent game on both ends."

Kotka Player Sharaud Curry
"Bakken Bears are a tough team and they are well coached. We handled the pressure well and we had only 10 turnovers. It has been a great experience to play EuroChallenge and I'm very proud of my team."


18.02.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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