Quotes Royal Hali Gaziantep vs. BC Triumph Lyubertsy Moscow Region

18 February 2014

Triumph Head Coach Vasiliy Karasev
"First, two of our team leaders didn't play and our schedule is very busy. Today, we didn't play in the final quarter. We played with young players who need to get experience."

Triumph Player Artem Kuzyakin
"It was an interesting game. In the last quarter we started nine points up front but our motivation went down and after they found free shots they caught us. We will face Ural Ekaterinburg and we will do our best to reach the Final Four. Congratulations to Royal Hali Gaziantep."

Gaziantep Head Coach Jurij Zdovc
"Congratulations to my players. It was a difficult game. I am not very happy with our play today. We made too many mistakes at some moments. After so many good games and wins, it's normal to play that kind of game like today. Good thing is we played bad but we won, but it will not be enough to reach another level."

Gaziantep Player Sertac Sanli
"It was an important game for taking first place in the group. We started well but after that we lost our rhythm. In the last quarter we had a good comeback and we won the game. We would like to make the Final Four."


18.02.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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