Quotes Reggio Emilia vs. Cholet Basket

18 February 2014

Cholet Basket Assistant Coach Jim Bilba
„We made a very good game, then in the last quarter we stopped playing together. This led us to defeat. We've had bad time, and we really wanted to win here in Reggio to regain confidence. Unfortunately for us Reggio played better. Now we will face Szolnok with a great desire to win, even though the EuroChallenge ends for us here."

Cholet Basket Player Torey Thomas
"We played a good game for 30 minutes and then we collapsed. Reggio has found important points that have made us pay. It was a great performance for the home team. In the end we did not put the same energy that we were able to pull out in the first part of the game. We will give the maximum in our last commitment in the Last16."

Reggio Emilia Head Coach Massimiliano Menetti
"Tonight's game gives us confidence. It leads us to Novo Mesto to try to go through, with the possibility to arrive first in the group standings. It's an important goal that gives us energy. We played with sacrifice and suffering, doing things better when we went under. We started with the right approach, and then we fell down, even going under in the third quarter. Facing difficulties we are learning to react in the right way. Every player contributed to this success. Now we can enjoy a day of rest and then we'll dive headlong into preparations for the game against Brindisi."

Reggio Emilia Player Ojars Silins
"We defended well even though we struggled in the middle two quarters. The arrival of Angelo Gigli is very important for us, he helps us a lot: running, jumping, doing everything and this makes it easier to achieve our games. I feel that I'm improving, but also all the group makes progress and is learning how to react when we are in difficult situations."


18.02.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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