Quotes PO Antwerp Giants vs. Tartu Rock

18 February 2014

Tartu Rock Head Coach Gert Kullamäe
"Congratulations to Antwerp on playing a very good defensive game. We go to the next round and maybe my players were somewhat relaxed today."

Tartu Rock Player Janar Talts
"It was a very difficult game. Antwerp was very good at home; they were tougher. We did not execute our three-point shots. Antwerp deserved to win."

PO Antwerp Head Coach Paul Vervaeck
"Today we had to play with a lot of energy. Without Maxime De Zeeuw we did what we had to do. Next week it will be a decisive game in Samara; the team that wins will go to the next round."

PO Antwerp Player Jean-Marc Mwema
"We had to play tough today. And most importantly, we could keep this very good team under 60 points."


18.02.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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