Quotes Krasnye Krylia Samara vs. Gaz Metan Medias

18 February 2014

Krasnye Krylia Head Coach Sergey Bazarevich
"We are glad to win after two losses in two competitions. But I am not satisfied with the game we played, especially with how our bigs played inside defensively and offensively, maybe except [Michal] Ignerski, who played a very good game. There was a reason for this, because the team was frustrated, as we lost one of the main pieces, such as Anton [Ponkrashov], who was a big part of our team. But I still think that we can and should play better."

Krasnye Krylia Player Victor Keyru
"After Anton Ponkrashov's departure, we do not think about who's to become the true leader on the team. The most important thing right now is to win in every game. If you ask me, I am being optimistic about the future; I hope everything will be great in our team. With that kind of a roster we can achieve a lot."

Gaz Metan Head Coach Marcel Tenter
"The game was very hard for us. Currently we are missing four players, and that was the reason that we couldn't play intense for the whole game. However, we play for the win in every game. And after those four players get back we will get better."

Gaz Metan Player Kyle Shiloh
"Congratulations to our opponents on the win. We played well in the first half, but later in the third quarter started to fall behind. We have missed our open shots, our opponent scored their shots. And here is the result. I think Krasnye Krylila have good chances to advance to the play-offs of the EuroChallenge."


18.02.2014 - EUROCHALLENGE

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