Nsonwu Wins His Second EuroChallenge Player Of The Week

24 February 2010

Uchenna Nsonwu of Chorale Roanne Basket clinched his second EuroChallenge Player of the Week award on Tuesday with a solid double double that led to an efficiency of 29.

5. Uchenna Nsonwu (Roanne Basket)
Uchenna Nsonwu is a powerful dunker

Having to share his first Co-Player of the Week award with Bryan Hopkins of Antwerp Giants, Nsonwu  now sits on top of the ranking with runner up Frederick Warrick of Enisey Krasnoyarsk reaching an efficiency of 24.

In the 103-87 high scoring win over Krasnoyarsk Nsonwu needed only 24 minutes for 17 points on 6/10 shooting alongside 12 rebounds.

The most outstanding statisitc that night however, might be his 5 assists, a seldom number for a 2.08m power forward/ center. 

He also added 2 steals for Roanne who sit on top of group L with a 3-1 record and are on a good way to an appearance in the Quarter-Final Round of EuroChallenge.

Nsonwu is the French team's second leading scorer, averaging 14 .1 points and their top rebounder, grabbing 8.8 balls per contest.

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