Markovski Not Taking Azovmash Lightly

13 April 2007

Azovmash may not be the most recognisable name here in Girona for the EuroCup Final Four.

But Virtus Bologna head coach Zare Markovski realises the threat of the Ukrainian outfit.

Khalid El-Amin (SC Azovmash Mariupol)
Markovski is not taking Khalid El-Amin and Co lightly.
"They are less known than the other three teams perhaps because they are so far away, but they are second to no one," Markovski said.

"They have good international players, and some good Ukrainian players as well. Lischuk is on a good level of European basketball. So I think they are second to no one."

While many have already written Virtus in the final to play one of the Spanish sides, Markovski is calling for patience.

"We have to go step-by-step. It is not going to be easy. We have to take care of Azovmash and then try our best on Sunday."

Markovski and his Italian side are thrilled to have the opportunity to try to lift a European title.

"We are excited to be here. We had a pretty good season in the EuroCup and we deserve to be here."

The opportunity is all the more special considering the injuries that Virtus have endured throughout the season in order to reach the Final Four.

Guard Fabio Di Bella was out throughout the season, but has since returned.

Big man Kris Lang suffered a season-ending knee injury a few weeks ago.

"We have some problems with injuries, but depth is a strength of our team. It is a comfort to know that another player can step in for an injured player.

"I am glad to be the coach of this team. The players help me to enjoy coaching by the way they work hard and their behaviour during the week and during games."


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