BC Neptunas 93 Tartu Rock 89

17 December 2003

Neptunas won against Tartu Rock in the last game of the first stage and now enters the second one. It was their third victory in this group.

Neptunas has acquired the second place in the group with this win. The winner of the game was not revealed in the first period.

During the second quarter Neptunas started its spurt and was leading against Tartu Rock 48:32. Later on, when Gintaras Stulga and Arturas Kaubrys have acquired 4 fouls each, Tartu Rock started taking over the center position.

In the third quarter, Tartu Rock gained back some points, but they were still behind with 6 (64:70). In the middle of the fourth quarter, the score was 81:79 for Neptunas.

Petras Salvis made a three pointer and Janis Porzingis performed a slam dunk for a 7 point Neptunas lead. At the end of the game, Neptunas made accurate free throws and therefore, secured its win in this game.

MVP of the game: Petras Salvis with 29 points (BC Neptunas)

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