Hosts Cruise To Third Place In Group E

18 July 2012

Hungary sealed the third place in Group E third place with a convincing win over the Slovak Republic, 59-37, in the U16 European Championship Women.

The hosts were surprised in a derby atmosphere by a very well organized Slovakian team, who closed all the ways to the basket with a fierce defence, while attacking with an accurate shot.

Veronika Remenarova had a fantastic first quarter, scoring nine of her 12 points, while the Hungarians stood behind.

It took until the last minutes of the second quarter for the game to change.

Hungary grabbed their chance as the Slovakians started to lose energy, with Timea Toth featuring with four points to secure the first lead for the hosts.

In the second half, the Slovak Republic tried to come back, but Hungary was in the mood to win, reaching a 20-point lead.

Debora Dubei and Timea Toth, with 11 and 10 points respectively, made clear that Hungary was destined to finish third in this group.

Both teams will play in the Quarter-Finals on Friday, with Hungary going up against Spain and the Slovak Republic facing Italy.


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