FIBA Europe At Nordic Cup 2012

23 May 2012

Alan Richardson with national instructors and referees at Nordic Cup 2012
Alan Richardson with national instructors and referees from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland at Nordic Cup 2012

Alan Richardson represented the FIBA Europe Referee Department at Nordic Cup 2012, which took place in Solna, Sweden from 15 to 20 May.

The Nordic Cup is a competition that brings together U16 and U18 men's and women's teams from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The tournament provided an ideal chance for national instructors and referees from these five countries to not only exchange views and share experiences from their domestic competitions but also take advantage of a unique opportunity at international level.

For the duration of the tournament, these game officials followed a programme of instruction and feedback under the guidance of Richardson to enhance their skills and knowledge.

The daily programme consisted of PowerPoint presentations covering topics such as ‘Steps to the Top', ‘3 PO Mechanics' (also on court demonstration), ‘Managing Mistakes' and ‘Communication with Coaches and Players'.

The programme also covered the subject of On Court Observations and discussed how feedback for referees is provided during competitions.

In relation to the latter, the programme also featured training sessions in the use of the Observer software system for Instructors.

The days were long and very intensive with regular valuable feedback from national coaches to the instructors on referee performance, which was presented to the group each morning.

On the court, Finland emerged triumphant in both the U16 and U18 Men categories of the tournament.

The Finns blew out Iceland, 105-64, in the U16 Nordic Cup final while their U18 team prevailed 94-80 over Denmark to clinch the title.



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