Slovenian Culinary Offerings For Guests

20 July 2013
Some of the local Slovenian wines which can be sampled throughout EuroBasket by foreign guests

An important part of EuroBasket is hospitality and in Slovenia VIP guests, media and volunteers will be treated with the best of local offerings.

Gostinstvo Jezeršek, the official caterer of EuroBasket 2013 will prepare approximately 66,000 meals during EuroBasket 2013 and will use 28 tonnes of groceries in the process.

Most of the groceries will be locally acquired, keeping in line with the goal to promote Slovenian culinary dishes to the world and support the local industry.

Amongst local food and beverages companies who have signed on to be part of EuroBasket 2013 are Panvita, Fructal and the Laško Group.

"All the time we are stressing that EuroBasket 2013 is an all-Slovenian project which will help the economy and tourism of which an important part is our gastronomy," says Aleš Križnar, Director of EuroBasket 2013.

"Slovenia is well-known for its great culinary offerings and wines and we put a special significance on both."

Wines for the event will be procured from local wine vineyards, with 13 wines selected from 14 producers to be served throughout the event.

The wines are as following:

Rebula Quercus (VK "Goriška Brda, Brda) - dry
Šipon Gomila (P&F, Štajerska) - dry
3 Cuvee - trojka (Steyer, Štajerska) - dry
Zelen Lanthieri (Vipava 1894, Vipavska dolina) - semi-dry
Chardonnay (Kristančič, Brda) - dry
Beli križ (VK Marof, Prekmurje) - dry
Breg Chardonnay (VK Marof, Prekmurje) - dry

Zlata penina Brut natur (Radgonske gorice, Štajerska) - extra brut
Vila Istenič (Penine Istenič, Bizeljko-Sremiški okoliš) - semi-dry

Refošk Rex Fuscus (Vinakoper, Primorska) - dry
Stara brajda (Ščurek, Brda) - dry
Teran (Vina štoka, Kras) - dry

Cviček (Martinčič, Dolenjska) - dry
Damski rose (Erzetič, Brda) - semi-dry


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26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013

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