Telekom Slovenije Joins Sponsors

22 June 2013
The public got their chance to view the EuroBasket 2013 tickets this week
Telekom Slovenije, who have become the latest sponsor of EuroBasket 2013, presented its role in the project on Thursday in front of the company headquarters, where a basketball court was set up and tickets for the event were presented to the public for the first time.

EuroBasket 2013 ambassador Peter Vilfan was at the event as Telekom Slovenije confirmed that they will be providing mobile network services at the event, as one of the tournament's event sponsors.

Marketing Director of Telekom Slovenije, Simon Furkan, revealed a special user package for the duration of the event, "which is available between 20th June and 30th September to all the users of Siol and Mobitel. With the EuroBasket package, we offer our users an unlimited amount of calls, SMS and MMS messages, as well as a limited amount of data transfer.

"In Telekom Slovenije we eagerly await EuroBasket 2013 to begin, the same as the fans. We are convinced that we will be able to watch excellent basketball and that with loud support, the Slovenian national team will not disappoint us."

Secretary General of the Slovenian Basketball Federation, Iztok Rems, was grateful for the support shown by Telekom Slovenije.

"I sincerely thank Telekom Slovenije for recognising the value of EuroBasket 2013 and joining the pool of sponsors which gives us the necessary support which without, we would not be able to organise this kind of event. I said many times that EuroBasket in Slovenia is an all-Slovenian project and it is important that big Slovenian companies, such as our new sponsor, are a part of it."

About Telekom Slovenije:
Telekom Slovenije is a leading and most advanced Slovenian mobile communication operator. Through its own modern networks, it offers a wide range of stationary, mobile, internet and integrated communication solutions. Telekom Slovenije has more than a million users of its mobile services and more than a million users of its stationary services of IP-TV VoIP and internet. The key areas of the group are voice, data, internet and multimedia services. It enables their users a better quality of life and efficient, quick, reliable and undisturbed communication. The vision of Telekom Slovenije is connected with the expectations of the users - to offer the most modern broadband network and technology and at the same time to offer a dynamic development of new, user-friendly services and contents.


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