Petrol Signs On With EuroBasket 2013

06 March 2013
Petrol is presented as a new event sponsor of EuroBasket 2013
Petrol has signed on as an event sponsor of EuroBasket 2013

Petrol, Slovenia's largest fuel importer and provider, has followed in the steps of Spar Slovenija to become an event sponsor of EuroBasket 2013.

As part of the agreement, Petrol, along with will become an official ticket supplier to the event, selling tickets at their fuel stations located throughout Slovenia and other former Yugoslav countries. Petrol will also be providing coffee to VIP guests, volunteers and media at arenas.

Along with tickets, the fuel stations will also sell EuroBasket 2013 official merchandise, beginning in June.

Petrol is not only the biggest petroleum company in Slovenia, but also one of Slovenia's largest trading companies. Petrol also imports other energy-based products, relating to the provision of gas and heating for domestic use.

Petrol's chain of fuel stations undergo constant investment to remain a leader in their field, with customer satisfaction driving the investments. Asides from fuel, Petrol fuel stations provide the traveler with everything they need for a safe and comfortable trip.

Petrol Board President, Tomaz Berlocnik, believes that whilst his company is providing energy for Slovenia, the fans are undertaking a similar role by providing energy for the players.

"Sports are composed by both sportsmen and us, who cheer for them. The more positive energy, that the fans will be able to transfer to the basketball players, the better the games will be," said Berlocnik, adding, "that is the common purpose of Petrol and EuroBasket 2013."

"The agreement with Petrol is of exceptional importance for EuroBasket 2013," said EuroBasket 2013 director, Ales Kriznar, adding, "Because the company will, with its wide network of gas stations, provide the sales of tickets and official products and at the same time promote the event, which we all are waiting for impatiently."


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