No Wishful Thinking For Tanjevic

18 November 2012

Turkey Head Coach Bogdan Tanjevic
Turkey head coach Bogdan Tanjevic sees no big difference in the EuroBasket 2013 First Round groups

It was reality, not wishful thinking for Turkey head coach Bogdan Tanjevic after the EuroBasket 2013 Draw in the Postojna Cave, Slovenia.

The 65-year-old, who returned to the helm of Turkey for the EuroBasket Qualification Round last summer, enjoyed the ceremony, but hadn't dreamt of a perfect group.

"Of course I would like to avoid all teams in our group and to be placed directly into the second round with no fight," he told

"But I didn't have any wishes, because they are pointless. It's like I would wish my nose to get smaller."

Some things simply cannot be changed.

Once all 24 teams were allocated to their respective groups, Turkey's First Round fate was determined.

The Turkish will face Russia, Greece, Italy, Finland and Sweden in Group D.

"The groups seem balanced. Everyone will have to play great basketball to achieve a result," Tanjevic continued.

"I don't really see a difference in difficulty between the groups. The only difference I spotted is the climate.

"For instance, we are travelling to Koper. I'm thrilled with that, because I will be able to sleep at my house in Trieste."

Whilst the city at the Adriatic Sea might be familiar to him, Tanjevic admits to having made a new experience in Postojna.

"I've been to the Postojna Cave for the first time, which is interesting, because I lived around here for many years. The cave is beautiful and the organisation of the ceremony was even better."

But in the end, it was once more reality, not wishful thinking.

"Only the climate was bad. I expected around 10-12 degrees Celsius, but it was a lot colder," he smiled.


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