Collet Is Back For EuroBasket 2013

21 September 2012

France head coach Vincent Collet
It's not easy to combine two demanding jobs, but  Vincent Collet must have felt he has unfinished business with Les Bleus - maybe a shot at the EuroBasket 2013 title?

Vincent Collet has turned France into a powerful side that captured silver at EuroBasket 2011 and very nearly upset Spain in the Quarter-Finals of the Olympics last month.

Now the French Basketball Federation has been able to keep him at the helm - at least for one more year.

Collet, the FFBB has announced, will be in charge at least through EuroBasket 2013.

He could end up remaining as national team coach through the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, though that isn't something that France will even discuss until after the Final Round in Slovenia.

"We, Patrick Beesley and myself met (French women's coach) Pierre Vincent and Vincent Collet to debrief and plan on the next four years," said Jean-Pierre De Vincenzi, the national technical director and general manager.

"Both are motivated to be part of the new Olympic project and are fully aligned with the national technical direction.

"However, neither one can project over four years now.

"So we decided to start the implementation of the project for the Rio 2016 Games and this give us some time before taking next year, at the end of EuroBasket 2013 (men's and women's), a decision on whether or not each will continue for the next three years."

Collet, who is the coach of Strasbourg in the French men's league, admitted recently in L'Equipe that to have two jobs is very demanding and has an impact on his family life.

"The investment is huge for me and my family," Collet had said.

"I am also a club coach (at Strasbourg). I have to think if I can perform both functions over a long period.

"I'm not a machine. I have to think about my family, and this is what will tip the balance."

Collet also said in that interview that the support of veterans Tony Parker and Boris Diaw had made him feel very good.

"The Federation will be the first decision-maker, and I also have to reflect on it," Collet had said.

"But the backing from Tony Parker and Boris Diaw does warm my heart."



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