Lipko Goes Skiing

12 March 2013


Lipko showed himself to an all-round sportsman at the weekend

EuroBasket 2013 mascot Lipko headed to the mountains over the weekend where he showed his skiing ability is just as impressive as his basketball prowess.

Lipko, Croatian legend Dino Radja and Slovenian legend Rado Nesterovic were on the slopes Kranjska Gora, taking in the scenes at the 52nd edition of the Vitranc Cup - a traditional downhill skiing event that also doubles as a leg of the FIS World Cup.

Between the first and second runs of the skiers, it was Lipko's turn to take to the hill, as part of a special presentation of the up-and-coming EuroBasket.

Also, as part of the presentation, Radja was presented with a special ski helmet stating: "Navijam za Hrvatsku" (I cheer for Croatia), and Nesterovic received a helmet with the sign "Navijam za Slovenijo" (I cheer for Slovenia).


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