Window To Volunteer Extended

18 April 2013
Keynote speakers at the Sportforum roundtable

EuroBasket 2013 announced on Tuesday that the deadline for people to volunteer to help at Slovenia's biggest sporting event has been extended to 5 May.

The announcement came at a volunteering roundtable, Sportforum, with several keynote speakers who have a direct interest in this summer's EuroBasket speaking at the event, which was attended by members of the media.

EuroBasket 2013 volunteer operations manager Rok Bizjak explained that the decision for the extension came following a number of questions from prospective volunteers who wanted to know more about volunteering at the event before putting their names forward.

Amongst the keynote speakers to attend the event was Lenka Vojnovic, a representative of Slovenian Philanthropy, who spoke of the pride of being a volunteer in Slovenia.

"In Slovenia, we can be proud to have so much volunteering, both organised and non-organised. According to some statistics we have approximately 180,000 volunteers [in Slovenia]."

One person who has already volunteered their services, as well as those of a youth basketball team he oversees, is Gregor Balek, coach of KK Zlatarog, one of 25 teams whom to date have put their names forward to be volunteers.

"All of the boys eagerly await being part of the event. They believe that this will be a success story. If you ask them, the event could already have started," said Balek, adding, "we think that the experience that the young boys will gain from watching basketball superstars will be more valuable than a single practice."


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