Navarro Gets Op, Out For Two Months

27 June 2013
4. Pau Gasol (Spain), 7. Juan Carlos Navarro (Spain)
Spain will need to learn to play without both of these key components this summer

Whatever few hopes Spain head coach Juan Orenga had of persuading national team captain Juan Carlos Navarro to play at September's EuroBasket, vanished definitely on Thursday morning.

FC Barcelona Regal announced on their official website that the star shooting guard will undergo right ankle surgery on 19 July and is expected to be sidelined for approximately two months.

In the statement, Barcelona say that the 33-year-old will be operated upon by surgeon Niek Van Dijk, with the aim to eliminate the recurrent synovitis problem that he struggled with throughout the season.

Navarro featured in only 30 of Barcelona's 47 games in the Liga Endesa Regular Season and play-offs, with his performances in the title series against Real Madrid heavily conditioned by the pain caused by the synovitis.

The development means that the MVP of EuroBasket 2011 cannot possibly join the Spanish national team's campaign this summer.

Navarro had already admitted last week that 'most surely' he would take a rest from the national team this summer, as it had been a tough season for him.

Coach Orenga however, who is yet to announce Spain's preliminary squad for the EuroBasket, said that as far as he was concerned the only announced absences were those of Pau Gasol and Felipe Reyes and that he would wait as long as necessary for the health situation of Navarro to become clear.

Since the gae of 18, Navarro has spent every summer of his career with the national team, debuting as a senior international at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

The star guard was a linchpin of the Spanish team throughout a golden decade collecting, among others, two EuroBasket gold medals, one World Championship gold medal and silver medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.


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