Federation Focus: Norway

04 February 2013

The Norwegian Basketball Federation (Norges Basketballforbund/NBBF) was founded in 1968 and affiliated with FIBA in the same year, being one of the last European countries to join the world governing body of basketball. The NBBF headquarters are located in capital Oslo, managing professional, amateur as well as youth and wheelchair basketball in the country.

Seven teams are participating in the men's top-flight BLNO, while six teams compete in the second tier. Currently there are six teams competing in the women's first division, the Kvinneligaen. The league was rebranded in 2006, with the new name and logo marking a new area. Focusing on a vital and strong competition and the recruitment of young talents, NBBF hopes to increase the interest in women's basketball and lay the foundation for competitive national teams.

Projects like Easy Basket were installed to further spark children's interest in basketball and encourage a career in basketball. Offering separate programmes for children up to 10 years and children aged 11-12 years; Easy Basket ensures that children playfully learn basic basketball skills, being taught sportsmanship and friendship along the way.

Norways first mens national team at the Polar Cup in 1966
Norway's first men's national team at the Polar Cup 1966 in Copenhagen

The history of Norwegian national team basketball dates back to 1966. One of the major tasks of the NBBF forerunner, the Norwegian Sports Committee for Basketball, was to appoint a team that would represent Norway at the Polar Cup in spring 1966. The Norwegians were coached by Al Hughes and entered the competition with 13 players, with two players, Karl Bay and Sven Gunderson, splitting the games between each other.

Norway faced Iceland, Finland, Sweden and hosts Denmark. They lost all four games, but still the report on the Polar Cup read optimistically: "As expected, our fresh team came in last place, but its debut was still so uplifting that it bodes well for the future. All players must be complimented for their top effort in every game."

The women's national team made their international debut on 10 and 11 February 1968, playing two friendly matches against Denmark. The women were coached by Jim O'Neal, who at the same time served as head coach for the men's national team.



Year of foundation: 1968
President: Grete Johansen
Secretary General: Hanne Sogn

Registered players:
- U18 Men: 5,522
- U18 Women: 2,509
- Senior Men: 2,453
- Senior Women: 906
Non-registered players:
- Juniors: approximately 6,000
- Seniors: approximately 2,000
Registered clubs: 168
Registered coaches: 413



1996 European Promotion Cup for Men: 2nd place

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