Behind The Scenes: Volunteers

22 July 2013

When fans turn up at FIBA Europe events, they are treated with a well polished event. This would not be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who turn up to help every summer. Here are a few of the hardworkers behind the scenes at U18 European Championship Men in Latvia.

Linda Petersone-Raga, team attaché of France
Linda (34), Ventspils, attache of France. Linda was the team attache of the Italian team at last summer's U16 European Championship and is enjoying the new experiences she is getting with the French team this time around. The 34-year-old used to work for EuroChallenge club BK Ventspils and knows her job perfectly.


Uvis, 14 and Girts, 13. Ball boys
Uvis (13) and Girts (14) both from Liepaja. This is the second time that Uvis has worked at a FIBA Europe event, also working at the U18 European Championship last year. He likes being able to see all the players close up. For Girts, this is already his fourth FIBA Europe/FIBA event on the mop. They both believe Latvia will be in the final but are undecided if they will meet Russia or Lithuania.


Edgars Berzins, team attaché of Russia, and Kristine Tervite, volunteer at the accreditation centre
Edgars (20), Russia attache and Kristine (20), accreditation centre. Edgars is volunteering at his second consecutive FIBA Europe event. Being partly Russian himself, Edgars likes to chat with the players about life in Russia and the differences to Latvia. Kristine is returning from the 2012 U16 European Championship, having been invited to join again by a friend she got to know at last summer's event. She likes to meet new people and being a basketball fan herself, she has a lot of stories to tell at home, especially to her younger brother, who is a basketball player himself.

Krista (17) and Janis (21), information centre, Liepaja
Krista (17) and Janis (21), information centre, Liepaja. Janis is a familiar face in Liepaja, returning this year for his fourth FIBA Europe/FIBA tournament. The student has worked in various roles at the tournament, learning how different teams operate. For Krista, also a student, the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends is the appealing factor.

Signe Klavina (21), Spain attache and Liva Kalnina (21) Croatia attache
Signe (21), Spain attache and Liva (21), Croatia attache. This is Signe's fifth summer volunteering at FIBA Europe/FIBA tournaments. The students both travelled more than five hours to be part of U18 Men this summer. For both it is a fantastic experience to be involved in such tournaments, see behind the scenes and make international friends. Their perfect final would be Croatia versus Spain with Latvia taking bronze.


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