Bonifika Renovations Going To Plan

16 June 2013
Renovations to Bonifika Hall are going to plan

When players arrive at the Slovenian seaside resort town of Koper for EuroBasket 2013, they will be welcomed by the newly renovated Bonifika Sports Hall.

Renovations to Bonifika are expected to be completed by the end of July, in enough time to host a test game late in August prior to the commencement of the biggest basketball event in Europe this summer.

The hall will effectively be stripped down with the majority of the interior being replaced, including the installation of a state-of-the-art multimedia system.

There will be plenty of opportunities for any creases to be ironed out prior to tip off in September with, in addition to the test game, four warm-up games scheduled to take place in the arena.

On August 17 Russia will play Bosnia and Herzegovina while three games of the Adecco Cup between Slovenia, Montenegro and Italy will be played there between the 22nd and 24th of August.

"With a Mediterranean climate and the seaside, Koper will be one of the most attractive destinations for basketball fans, who will be able to enjoy our various tourist offerings asides from watching the games," said Tamara Kozlovič, Head of Koper Tourist Organisation.

Secretary General of the Slovenian Basketball Federation, Iztok Rems, has been impressed by the development of venues for the event.

"We are satisfied that after Jesenice, the renovation began in Koper too and I have no doubt that it will be concluded in time and ready for very interesting matches," commented Rems, adding, "The hall will not serve only for EuroBasket 2013, but later for other sports too, which is another important legacy of our championship."


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