Rosters Announced For Game On The Sea

23 August 2013


There are no borders for promotion of EuroBasket 2013. Following the draw in Postojna Cave, which was witnessed live throughout Europe, another spectacle awaits: basketball games at the sea.

It is a unique event which will take place 300 metres off the coast of Koper on Saturday, on the largest raft in Slovenia which will be equipped with a basketball court.

Former legends Dino Radja, Dino Meneghin and Rasho Nesterovic have been given the task of putting together their teams which will compete in the event.

The teams are as following:


Claudio Codebella
Francesco Donati
Luigi Mentasti
Giuseppe Corvo
Marco Tirel
Mario Boni
Marco Solfrini
Damiano Brigo
Flavio Carera

Coach: Alberto Bucci


Dino Radja
Žan Tabak
Aramis Naglić
Hrvoje Perinčić
Darko Krunić
Arijan Komazec
Alan Gregov
Boris Gnjidić
Miro Jurić

No coach


Rašo Nesterović
Slavko Duščak
Jaka Daneu
Goran Jagodnik
Roman Horvat
Rado Trifunović
Matjaž Smodiš
Marko Milič
Darko Mirt
Slavko Kotnik

Coaches: Ivo Daneu and Peter Vilfan


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