3x3 EuroTour Moves On To Gdynia

15 August 2014
With just two stops left before the European Championships in Bucharest, 3x3 EuroTour has moved to Gdynia, Poland, where we are setting up for an event with more than 115 teams getting ready to play.


The 2013 EuroTour in Gdynia, Poland
Kościuszko Square, Gdynia harbor - our home for the weekend

While most of the teams will compete in open categories, the most important part of the weekend will be the Polish finals for senior men and women with the best men's team earning a trip to the World Tour Master in Prague.

The 3x3 athletes, however, will not be the only ones competing. Lipek (winner of Zanka dunk contest) and Smoove (Split winner) will be joined by two local high-flyers in what is promising to be one of the best aerial showdowns of the summer. Do not miss the event on Sunday if you are in the area.

Lipek and Smoove go head to head for the first time this season
Lipek and Smoove go head to head for the first time this season

Among other events we'll have a Special Olympics category, a break-dance show, shooting contests and many more.

Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as there we'll publish links to live stream, which will be available both days. 



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