Lipko Book To Help Promote Reading

24 April 2013


Lipko book

EuroBasket 2013, in conjunction with the Slovenian Book Agency have agreed on a campaign to promote reading, with Lipko assisting in fronting the campaign.

The campaign will be targeted particularly at children and will have strong connections with sport.

In August a book written by local author Primoz Suhodolcan telling Lipko's fairytale, entitled "Lipko and KoŇ°orok" will be launched as the first part of the campaign.

The second part of the campaign is the opportunity for Slovenian basketball fans to buy discounted books, with 1 euro reduced from the price of any book in Slovenian book shops upon the presentation of a EuroBasket 2013 game ticket.

The third part of the campaign, "There's no drama without a game" will aim to popularise reading amongst children by creating reading hours before and during EuroBasket.

Joining Lipko at Tuesday's campaign was the only Slovenian basketball player to have a biography or autobiography published and EuroBasket 2013 ambassador, Peter Vilfan.

"Since I was a kid, I always had two loves. The first was the book and afterwards came basketball," claimed Vilfan, going on to add: "Those, who read a lot, develop their personality at many fields."


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