Half-Court Press: Berkay Candan

11 July 2013
6. Berkay Candan (Turkey)
Strolling through Tallin in search of dürüm on the day off? Certainly an option for Berkay Candan

The versatile 2.05m forward Berkay Candan leads Turkey in scoring (21 ppg) and rebounds (7 rpg) after their first two games at the Sportland U20 European Championship in Estonia.

His team enjoy the view from the top of Group B after a pair of hard-earned victories and are not in action on Thursday, which maybe presents Candan with the perfect opportunity to discover a Turkish restaurant in Tallinn and indulge in the two guilty pleasures that he has revealed to after being submitted to our relentless Half-Court Press.

What is your first basketball memory and how did you start playing the game?
At first we were playing in open playgrounds with my friends for fun and then gradually begun playing organised basketball in the city.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
I think my shooting and my ability to penetrate are good but my feet are a little bit slow and maybe my weakness is that.

What would playing for the senior Turkish national team mean to you?
Everyone dreams of that, to play in the senior team one day, at the EuroBasket or the Olympics.

What are your dreams as a player?
Maybe becoming champion in the Olympics with Turkey and playing in the NBA are my biggest dreams.

What is the one thing you cannot do without and took to Tallinn with you?
My family is the one thing I cannot live without but I could no get them to come to Estonia, they did not want to travel.

What is your favourite food and could you cook for the coach if he came at your place for dinner?
If I had to cook, I could maybe boil some eggs; but my personal favourites are mücver and dürüm (typical Turkish dishes).

Which is your favourite place from all you've seen so far?
Istanbul, because the sights are wonderful and it is a city that has a big history.


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