Postcards From Salamanca: Final Four Talk

01 April 2010

Anke De Mondt (Halcon Avenida)Guard Anke De Mondt is in her third season with Halcon Avenida Salamanca and helped her team reach the Final of EuroLeague Women in 2009 by contributing over 10 points per game. She also has extensive National Team experience with Belgium and has played in major tournaments such as EuroBasket Women. Anke is writing for FIBA Europe to give us her insight on the 2009-10 EuroLeague Women season.


Hi everybody!! Here I am writing for the very first time since our elimination from the EuroLeague Women 2009-10 tournament.

It's been another great experience for me once again playing at the very highest level of European club competition.

On reflection, we had another great season here in Salamanca with Halcon Avenida. Perhaps it was just not quite as good as last year but nevertheless, that doesn't mean that we are not happy about it or with our efforts during the season. In fact, I think we showed all of our rivals across Europe once again that we can definitely compete at this elite level and that this team is ready for every challenge that is placed in front of it!

As for myself, I'm happy with this season but I know I can do better. After the season we had last time in 2009/10 it was probably always going to be difficult to come out and play at the same high level. Especially when you take into account the changes made with players and of course the change of Coach.

It was another adjustment to make but overall, I think I did my job for the team and for next year of course, I will try to have an even better season again and help take this team as far as we can possibly go.

6. Silvia Dominguez (Halcon Avenida)
Silvia Dominguez and Salamanca exited the EuroLeague Women after losing twice in the battle of Spain against arch rivals Ros Casares

Our EuroLeague Women quarter-final games against Ros Casares were naturally very tough and really intense once again. Looking back, the first game was definitely an off day for us but during the second game, we played much better and came really close to taking the series back to Valencia for a series decider.

Also in our league meeting against them (less then 2 weeks ago) we only lost the game in the last couple of minutes and consequently we are ready to start the play-offs here in Spain against Rivas (this weekend is our last regular season game).

So, I guess it is now time to talk about EuroLeague Women Final Four which is now just over a week away! Firstly of course I am still a little disappointed that we are not going to be there which you would expect but even so, the line-up still looks great. In particular, it is another fantastic event for Womens basketball here in Spain.

The semi final match-up between the two Russian teams Spartak Moscow Region and UMMC Ekaterinburg is going to be very interesting but of course also the home team Ros Casares against Wisla-Can Pack who have my former Coach Jose Hernandez. I certainly wish him all the best and let's see if he can make it to the last game of the season yet again and make the EuroLeague Women Final two years in a row which would be a great achievement!

Having said that, my prediction for the 2010 EuroLeague Women final is Ros Casares and UMMC Ekaterinburg. I think eventually that Ekat will take home the title but it's going to be very tough because Ros will definitely be ready for this challenge.

So that is it for this season from me and all I have to do now is to wish all the teams and players good luck with Final Four. Also I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone else for the remainder of the season and to those involved in their respective play-off championships.

Greetings from Salamanca!





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