Adecco Selects Internship Winners

19 July 2013
Winners of the opportunity to work as interns at EuroBasket 2013: Federico Sattanino of Italy and Imane Krirat of Germany

EuroBasket 2013 event supplier Adecco has selected two young persons for the chance of a lifetime, by providing them with EuroBasket 2013 internships.

Recent internal research conducted by Addecco shows that as many as 54% of young people want more help and support when looking for employment. This inspired the company to launch their "way to work" programme which assists in giving advice to young professionals entering the job market.

As part of the programme entrants were given the opportunity to experience the professional work environment through internships which were offered to work on various different projects around the world, including EuroBasket in Slovenia.

Over 30,000 people applied to gain one of the internships, nine of which were handed out and two of which were given to people to work at EuroBasket.

The two youngsters fortunate enough to gain internships to the biggest basketball event in Europe this year were Federico Sattanino of Italy and Imane Krirat of Germany.

The pair recently travelled to Slovenia where they assisted volunteers in organisational activities for September's spectacle.

Sattanino said of the experience: "I could not have imagined that such a complex project is run by such a small team. The group of very motivated people is completely devoted to the organisation of EuroBasket."


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