U16 Men Promotion Begins in Kyiv

26 July 2013
Posters promoting the U16 European Championship have been flooding Kyiv

A promotional campaign has started in Kyiv in support of the U16 European Basketball Championship, which will be held in the city's Palace of Sports from 8 to 18 August.


From the poster panel advertising that has flooded the city the young Ukrainian players declare their ambitions and promise to give it their all in the tournament.

Showing that basketball is a team game, national team coach Vitalii Usenko was insistent on the inclusion of all sixteen of his candidates for the tournament in the photo shoot.

Eight basketball players became heroes of the first wave of the promotional campaign - "Autograph". It can already be seen on the streets, in the subway and on public transport in Kyiv.

In the pictures you can see young players Igor Starodub, Ivan Tkachenko, Vitalii Shibel, Vitaliy Zotov, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, Volodymyr Chupira, Illia Antonenko and Sergey Gushchin getting prepared for the game.

Each one holds a basketball with his own autograph. Each poster is accompanied by a motivational slogan such as the following: "My game style will be studied"; "Opponents will whisper about me"; "I will make basketball history"; "My name will rock the whole world".

This was the first experience of professional photo shooting for the young athletes and at first they felt very constrained, but quickly adapted.

The coaches aided a lot, knowing the strengths of each player they helped them to choose the proper motions.

Slogans for every player were chosen later.

The name of the second wave of the promotional campaign that will start with the championship is "Above the Sky". In this photo shoot the team players are captured in a jump on a background of blue sky. The photos reveal the meaning of the tournament slogan "Take off for the challenge!" and demonstrate the high potential of the basketball players and encourage the fans to come and support the team during the tournament.

According to Tournament Director Markian Lubkivskyi, the main idea of the campaign was to show the faces of Ukrainian National Team players, to demonstrate their inner strength and their desire to win.

"Ukraine will host the U16 European Basketball Championship for the first time in history. To play at home is a huge honour for our team, but also a huge responsibility. I invite everyone to come to the Palace of Sports and to support our basketball players. I am sure that the supporters will inspire our players to win," said Lubkivskyi.


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