Half-Court Press: Agusti Sans

26 July 2013
7. Agusti Sans (Spain)
Agusti Sans can not go anywhere without his i-pad

By Robert White

Prior to the quarter-finals at the U18 European championship, the laid back Agusti Sans was interrogated for the latest edition of Half-Court Press. Here is what the exciting Spanish talent had to say.

What is your first basketball memory?
When I was a child my father played basketball and I went to the arena and watched the games with his friends.

He played in Barca junior but when I was watching him, he was just playing with friends.

I was eight or nine years old when I first started playing.

What is the best game you have seen or been part of?
Spain winning the World Championship in Japan [2006]. All the Spanish players put their headbands at the medal ceremony.

What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
I'm a strong one-on-one player, but I could improve my shooting.

In the past year what part of your game has improved the most?
I have improved my finishing at the basket.

What goes through your head when you are on the court?
I want to give out assists to my friends because the team is the number one priority for me.

Who is the most serious and who is the funniest player on the Spanish team?
Ilimane Diop is the most serious and Ruben Guerrero is the team joker.

What is the first thing you packed before heading to Latvia?
My iPad.

What is the one thing cannot live without?
Again, my iPad.

What foods do you eat when the coach is not looking?
Chocolate, Kit Kats, pizzas and a lot of lollies.

If your coach comes for dinner what are you cooking for him?
Food typical of Majorca because I'm from there and I think my coach loves Majorca style dishes, but I'm a bad cook! (Laughing) My dad is a good cook so can help .


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